SRM-APL/S series(Remote semi-multideck)

Super low front feet

Excellent merchandising visibility and presentation

Reliable quality

Choosed by international supermarket

Energy saving and efficiency

Famous brand important component for high efficiency and energy saving

Features & Benefits

Temperature Range:-1~+7℃
External dimensions (W*D*H) 
RM-12APL/S: 1250*1050*1300/1500mm
RM-18APL/S: 1875*1050*1300/1500mm
RM-25APL/S: 2500*1050*1300/1500mm
RM-37APL/S: 3750*1050*1300/1500mm



Alternative height of 1300mm and 1500mm
Energy saving & high efficiency options available (LED lighting,T5/T8 LIGHTING,electronic expansion valve and hot defrost) 
Automatic light sensing device