4L,8L,10L,12L CO2 cylinder(Aluminum)

Qualified material

* More reliable

Thick Aluminum of the tank

* More reliable

Standard control for quality

Every CO2 cylinder is subject to four separate quality tests before shipping, ensuring that the product you receive is the best in the industry

Aluminum Material
Max. Pressure 1800 psi  

Valve Threads CGA-320 or to order (Intended for use with a CO2 Regulator for beer and soft drinks dispensing system)

Amed refrigeration is a professional manufacturer and supplier of CO2 cylinder,4L,8L,10L,12L,CO2 cylinder(Manganese steel) in China.
We mainly manufacture and supplies BEER DISPENSER,BEVERAGER COOLER AND ICE CREAM SCOOP FREEZER ET. all the year round.-Amedrefrigeration.com