Rebranding & Refurbishment

When you want to change the image of your refrigeration equipment in the marketplace; introduce, advertise and promote a new brand; completely upgrade your refrigeration equipment; conform to environmental regulations; or upgrade instead of dispose of your assets for financial reasons, Amed also have the solution for your needs with its Rebranding and Refurbishment services.

Rebranding services are considered to change the branding of refrigeration equipment. This can be implement in the marketplace , warehouses, or in Amed's service centers.

Refurbishment services is to extend the life of refrigeration equipment through performing specific operations and using original spare partsAmed have long experience can propose and implement a suitable Refurbishment solution to fulfill your requirements. This is undertaken either in equipped warehouses or in Amed dedicated serice centers.

According to the specific operations, and there are two types of the Refurbishment Services levels

  • Normally refurbishment, including cleaning/sanitization, re-branding, minor replacements and packaging
  • Heavy refurbishment, including additional cabinet working, painting, electrical and cooling system handling.